I. A. Ivanov, P. S. Korolev, S. N. Polesskiy, V. V. Zhadnov


The task of prediction of fiber cable operating life for automating of design study of reliability of optical-fiber transmission system was
solved in the paper. The paper offers generation method of mathematical models of complex coefficients, which brings out from the input models failure rates the coefficients, which considers the effects of regimes and conditions of usage of fiber cables on the durability indices. The developed procedure does not require carrying out the experimental investigations and tests, based on the using of standardized models of failure rates and durability characteristics of fiber cables. Herewith for the prescribed modes and terms of usage of fiber cables automatically detected the right process of degradation, which determines values of operating life. In contrast to the prediction technique of equipment operating life on the base of the probabilistic-physical failure patterns, the offered method operates with the dates, which are stated in the standard-technical documentation on the fiber cables, and allows to increase forecast precision of the operating life in comparison with the methods, which is recommended in the branch standards. In the paper were developed software, which implements offered mathematical tool, by which were solved real-world forecasting
problem of the operating live of the cable type ОК-ПН-01-5-60.

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optical-fiber transmission system, optical-fiber cable, reliability, durability, operating life, failure rate.

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